How to Stop Gambling on Online Slots

how to stop gambling on online slots

If you’re struggling with a gambling addiction, there are many ways to stop. You can seek professional help, find a support group, or take a break from online gambling. The most important thing is to get help as soon as possible. If you can’t manage your problem alone, ask your doctor for resources or to refer you to a program.

A therapist can teach you skills to manage your triggers and develop healthy coping strategies. They can also help you develop a plan to quit gambling and get your life back on track. Some people are able to quit on their own, but others need more help.

It’s important to recognize that gambling addictions are different from other addictions and treat them accordingly. For example, gambling often involves a false sense of control and hope, whereas other addictions do not. This is why it’s crucial to identify the underlying causes of your gambling addiction and learn healthy coping mechanisms.

You may be able to break your addiction with the help of friends and family members. They can provide emotional support and encouragement, or even help you find new hobbies. They can also keep you accountable and warn you when you’re getting close to dangerous territory.

Another way to stop gambling on online slots is to set limits. These limits can be daily, weekly, or monthly, and they must be strictly followed. This way, you won’t be tempted to continue gambling until you reach the limit you have set for yourself. The best way to limit your losses is to play the lowest denomination possible. This will prevent you from being lured by the promise of a big jackpot prize.

It’s also a good idea to avoid games with progressive jackpots, as these can quickly drain your bankroll. It’s a common myth that you can make a lot of money by playing these games, but the truth is that you will most likely lose more than you win. This is because most of the time you will not hit a jackpot unless you bet the maximum amount on each spin.

If you have a hard time stopping yourself from gambling, consider asking the casino to place you on their “banned list.” This can help to deter you from gambling in person. However, if you do not have other activities to fill the void in your life, it will be easy to turn back to gambling online.

A better solution is to use an app like Freedom to block dangerous websites on your computer or mobile device. It works by bringing awareness to unconscious addictive behaviors and puts an obstacle between you and the gambling website. The best part about this method is that you can apply recurring block sessions and lock yourself from certain sites for as long as you choose. You can even customize the length of your blocks, and you can use it on multiple devices and browsers.